Utopias pelo mundo

Alternative Communities: (Palestine/Israel - palestinians and israelis live and work together in this "Center for Peace and Sustainability in the Middle East". They offer Arabic and Hebrew lessons, non-violent communication workshops, art workshops etc.). (Israel - An anarchist kibbutz in the desert. Probably one of the most radical and stable anarchist communities out there - no chiefs, no rules, one bank account for all and so on). (Austria - A castle turned by the inheritors into an open community. There live many "Freemen" (*gender problem in the term) and the first guy to do it - formal refusal of nationality and no subjection to the country's laws (also no rights, no documents, no plane rides etc.). (Belgium - Formal squatters: unusual strategy with great and growing success. Could be in NGOs session as well, as they are officially an association that revitalizes abandoned real-estate and gives them usage of housing and culture. They inhabit the buildings and promote cultural events, dumpsterdived meals, free market, and integrate illegal immigrants among inhabitants). (Spain - Anarchist Community, "Colonia Ecoindustrial Postcapitalista"). (Portugal - "School and Research Station for Realistic Utopia". Strong model of free love, among many other aspects and projects). (A large list/map of Latin-American sustainable communities). (Quite a list, of places and of more lists).

Independent Media: - Many are listed here, as tripulants of this event - which is also very interesting, about creating an economy for the majority. (Brazil - super well organized and engaged collective, with outstanding productions for resistance and change). (Florianópolis, Brazil) (Florianópolis, Brazil - "Journalism with gender perspective") (Brazil - "Shared communication and post-capitalism". They earn only from readers' donations (punctual or regular) and have a growing network of supporting businesses that give discounts to the supporting readers).

NGOs:, (Brazil - They sell small producers' organic products in their original prices. Their profit comes from spontaneous donations or monthly subscription). (Australia - Free market of rescued food). (US - Turns abandoned buildings into art spaces).

Social movements: (Brazilian movement of the landless, an international reference in social movements a major player in Latin-American politics). (Brazilian national movement for free public transportation). (Belgian network of movements of resistance and change. That country is remarkable in the organisation and interconnection between initiatives).

Others: (Europe - A bank that lends to and invests only in organisations that benefit people and environment, open to clients' decisions)., (A concept from a research made in the US, and replicated in Europe, which found that over a third of the population in these places is identified with an emergent, "alternative" culture). (Anarchist and temporary communities, organised non-commercially and non-hierarchically around the globe to celebrate life and harmony between people and with nature. Each gathering lasts only one month, but at any given moment there is at least one happening).